Transhumanist image competition

Transhumanist image competition: photo, painting, artwork, computer graphics ... The important thing is to imagine a positive future.

Publié le 19 octobre 2021, par dans « transhumanisme »

The French Transhumanist Association « Technoprog » organizes an image competition dedicated to transhumanism.

Update: the end of the contest

We would like to apologize for the delay in responding to the proposal you sent us for this year’s AFT-Technoprog image contest.

Unfortunately, this call was not as successful as we had hoped. The number of submissions that we received was very low. As a result, the jury refused to make a decision and no prize will be awarded.

We are sorry for this disappointment which is primarily ours. We only hope that sooner or later we will have the opportunity to launch another competition of this kind under better conditions.

Assuring you of our best consideration, we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Update: Competition end date extended to April 30, 2022

Due to the uncertainty of the awards attribution, the jury is extending the date of the competition to reach a wider audience. You have until 30 April to send us your images. 

However, we appreciate all the submissions we have received so far and if you are happy with your submission, please note that it is a valuable part of the competition. If you want, you can submit another image. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible !

The goal of the competition

Photo, painting, artwork, computer graphics … The main thing is to promote transhumanism in a constructive and original way ! The goal is to represent a positive image of transhumanism.

Several prizes will be awarded for a total of 1 500 €.

Conditions of participation

  • If your image is awarded one or more prizes, you agree to give us your rights to the image in question. In case of refusal, the prize cannot be delivered. This will allow us to freely distribute the awarded images.
  • If and only if your images correspond to the criteria mentioned below, then send them before December 31 midnight Central European Time (CET) to
  • The members of the jury will meet and decide during the month of January. They will decide after deliberation online. The decisions are not open to an appeal.
  • The members of the jury cannot compete.
  • Concerning the winning images, the images will be free to use by anybody.
  • Any person claiming to promote transhumanist, technoprogressive or longevity ideals may use this material. In this case, the indication of the source is encouraged but not mandatory. Any other person wishing to use the image for legitimate informational or cultural purposes is allowed to do so provided the source is acknowledged.
  • Any dispute concerning these condition is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels, Belgium.

Acceptance criteria

Technical criteria

  • Accepted images : photos, montages, artworks, paintings/drawings, computer generated images.
  • Accepted formats :
    • Larger than 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • 1280 x 720 pixels (minimum)

The expected content

  • [Mandatory] The content must clearly illustrate transhumanism or one of its main themes: biological immortality, artificial intelligence, cyborgs, biohacking, mind uploading, cryogenics, automation… . It is possible to combine themes, for example space exploration and longevity.
  • [Mandatory] The image must be a positive representation of transhumanism. 
  • [Optional] It is desirable to also represent a positive ecological context. For example, this image could illustrate how technologies related to transhumanism can be one of the solutions to current (and future) ecological problems.
  • [Optional] It is desirable to also represent a positive socio-economic context. For example, this image could illustrate how technologies related to transhumanism can be a solution to unemployment, violence, inequality etc.

Be careful not to focus only on the optional criteria. They define the background of your image. Transhumanism, in its positive form, must be at the forefront of your image.

Unaccepted content

  • Images that already exist.
  • Illustrations that denigrate the image of transhumanism.
  • The representations of a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. 
  • Inscriptions, text : we want to avoid problems of understanding related to translation.

The jury, composed of specialists in transhumanism, activists and members of the association, will choose several winners.