The Augmented Human

The human being can "become more human" thanks to technology: longer life, greater intelligence and creativity ...

Transhumanism asserts the notion that humans can indeed be « augmented » by technology.

This idea is often distorted and misunderstood. Thus, many people think that transhumanists wish to create a sort of « perfect superhuman » with a standard, generic appearance and a permanent smile.

We are not in search of an illusory « perfection », or of a standard model of ”the new man » forcefully imposed on all. On the contrary, we think that the human being can « become more »:

  • Live much longer in good health
  • Become more intelligent, aware, creative, empathetic …
  • Extend the breadth and reach of individual possibility thanks to new technologies (virtual reality, control by thought …)

We believe that the human is not something fixed, but can constantly evolve. How much? No one knows precisely. But if we consider that it is better to be a human than an earthworm, why halt our fruitful ongoing journey?

We have become « human » after a long process of natural evolution. We believe that this evolution can continue with technology. We want to further the richness and diversity of human life. We have enormous potential for continued evolution: it would be a shame not to realize it!

Translation: Ranjan Ahuja