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International Technoprogressive Conference, Tuesday 22 February 5 PM to 9 PM CET

Friends of London Futurists in l’Association Française Transhumaniste (AFT) Technoprog are hosting an international online technoprogressive conference on Tuesday next week – 22nd February. (Sorry for the short notice!)

Transhumanisme déclaration viridienne écologie environnement développement durable

Viridian Conference : Sustainable Environment and Technological Progress

Express your views on the environment and how to make it sustainable through technology (but not only). Let’s imagine a better world together.

Africa and the Next Iteration of Human Existence

We are a quarter of the way into the 21st Century and human evolutionary forces are being accelerated through the concerted efforts of scientific and technological exploration and manipulation. There is the expectation that the next iteration of human existence will be characterized by a faster, stronger, smarter, longer living, more efficient human being engineered… [lire la suite]

The Situation of Transhumanism and Longevity in South Korea: YoungHoon Kim

In South Korea, above all, the domestic public does not pay attention to transhumanism and longevity movement. Thus, the advocates are far below. If there are those who are interested in transhumanism, they are mostly opponents against transhumanism.  However, ironically, public of South Korea have more than interest in AI technology and singularity in virtue… [lire la suite]

Transhumanism in Israel. Ilia Stambler. July 2020.

The Israeli transhumanist community can be traced back to the emergence of the regional “Israel and Middle East” forum of the Immortality Institute (now Longecity) website in 2004. https://www.longecity.org/forum/forum/309-israel-middle-east/ This was one of the first two regional life-extensionist forums (beside Russia and Eastern Europe) where Israelis interested in life extension and transhumanism could openly discuss… [lire la suite]

A presentation of transhumanism in Belarus: situation, projects, international relations

By Alexander Griboyedov (Александр Грибоедов) President of the public association « Society for Rational Longevity ». Hello to our French colleagues. We are very happy to meet you! As part of our collaboration, we will also publish information about your community in our social networks. You will find links to these at the bottom of the article…. [lire la suite]

Viridian Manifesto Technoprogressive and Ecological Proposals

A technoprogressive future will only be possible in the decades ahead given an indefinitely sustainable relationship with the environment. The change necessary, such that any change is for the better, requires broad technological progress and profound societal shifts. To this end, deepening our humanity by improving ourselves is an asset.

Transhumanism in Sweden – history and present, and uncertain future

Transhumanism in Sweden – history and present, and uncertain future. In 1999, Swedish transhumanists arranged the second Transvision conference ever, at Långholmen in Stockholm.

Call for volunteers to test COVID-19 vaccines (and therapies)

The Association Française Transhumaniste Technoprog salutes the commitment of all nations to life, especially that of senior citizens.